Playing music for 10+ years
made me learn to design software the way like it was art.

Professional Experience

.NET/C#, Azure, ASP.NET, TypeScript

Market leader in password management with 8 million users. Designed global scale cloud solutions built on Microsoft Azure for new features which can handle the load of millions of users efficiently — with the highest security in mind. The deployment pipeline features static analysis, automated testing, approvals and complete environment and release management.

Meldium is a password management and single sign-on solution built completely in the cloud. My team designed the cloud solutions for 5 environments of more than 50 micro-services and the continuous deployment pipelines for each of them with high security in mind. All ofour services run in Microsoft Azure and we use Visual Studio Online for ALM. My second role was to design security flows, review security-related implementations, keeping contact with the other security engineers of the company and support the team with security knowledge.

AppGuru centralizes user management across multiple online applications and services. I supported the integration of Microsoft online services like Office 365 and MicrosoftAzure. Besides user provisioning, I worked on a new key part of the product called Discovery, which analyzes network traffic, discovers devices and users and identifies online application usage. We designed services which had to be capable of collecting and analyzing data from tens of millions of clients, so we worked with big data on a daily basis.

Achieved MCSD, MCP, MCTS and MS certifications. Consulting, teaching of cutting edgeMicrosoft technologies. Was a speaker on local Microsoft events, held courses on .NET/C#, ASP.NET, Azure, Windows and Windows Phone development for university students and enterprise developers as well.

As a CEO of Exacorp, we develop custom software solutions for small and medium businesses. We are specialized on web applications and cloud solutions. Our mission is to bring modern technologies tengible close to all businesses. For more information on Exacorp click here.


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Architecting a memory game

MindHunt is a spectacular memory game for Windows 8. We wanted to see how many design patterns can we utilize from applications built on the MVVM pattern, so we built the game like we were building a business application. In this article you can get a summary of what design patterns did we use for building a memory game, that you can use for building any other board game.